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Trip to Delhi>Agra>Jaipur Triangle.

I decided to travel to India for the sixth time. I was thinking about where should I go? I have moved a lot in India already. Then I decided to come again with a tour of the famous Indian triangle. The Delhi>Agra>Jaipur triangle.

In December 2015, I traveled to the place, which was the first time I visited outside in my life. There are many emotions involved in that route. However, I went to Benapole(land border)  on Sohag Elite AC bus from Dhaka, the price was 1600($19) taka. Good seat, very comfortable to sit.

The bus started at 11pm on the night and reached Beanpole at 6:00 am. After brushing the teeth, I had my breakfast at 7.30am.Then I head toward the tour tax line. Many lines with huge crowd  and brokerages made the experience even worst. It took 1.30 hours to pay just  travel tax.Those who go to India through Beanpole will be able to get a travel tax from the bank in advance (probably Sonali Bank have this facility).

However, after settling immigration, an Indian officer demanded 100 taka to enter the customs of India. I did not give it. The customs officer searched my bag and did not get anything, it took a while. India’s immigration has come to an end, and I came to Petropol, it is the end of India, I came to India. After exchanging money, I head to Green line bus counters. Bought my ticket for the border to Kolkata airport.  It takes 6 hours to reach Border to Kolkata airport. It cannot take more than 2 hours if you take local trains.

Finally, I reached the airport and checked in at the hotel near there. It costs 2500 rupees and ($36). Hotels near airports are always a little expensive. I had a flight to Delhi the next morning, so I went to sleep. My flight was at 7:30 in the morning, I went to the airport before 6 am.

Ate Momos and coke in breakfast. Was a little expensive but you know airports.

I looked at the clock’s direction. It’s 6.34, and I am already at the boarding gate. There is a lot of time, so sit in one place and listen to music with full speed and full concentration with the headset from Bits. 4 staff was rushing, I thought maybe someone is missing and then I discovered it was me. It was embrassing. After 3+ hour I reach Delhi finally.

Delhi Airport arrival

 I booked a very low-cost hostel from booking.com. The hostel name was “AN AFTER STORY.”

Hostel front desk

The rooms of the hostel are a little different. There is a 4/6/8 bed in one room. There is no smell of privacy. Yet I love to be in hostels because this place is an excellent way to make friends. Will write about hostels in another day. On the first day in Delhi, I used to eat and eat nothing else. The next day, I went out and changed the hostel from there to Central Delhi; Central Delhi would be wrong saying, but Central Traveler Hub .Name of the place is Paharganj.

I checked in the hostel and walked around. Metro is the best way to travel in Delhi. The cheapest way too. There are all travel attractions under the Metro. Red Fort, Jama Mosque, President building all the way.

When you travel to Delhi and want to see the attractions in one day there is a bus for you will turn around 500+ rupees all over the place. If you search Google by typing HoHo bus, you will get all the information.

Delhi is very dirty and malicious. You may find it unbearable because of the traffic and the air.

I stayed in Delhi for two days. Then went to Agra. Delhi to Agra can be reached by three means – trains, trains, and air. I did not hear anyone use the airplane on the Delhi-Agra route. Most people rent a private car. Rent can be 3000+ rupees($43) the lowest. I went by train.

Me inside the train.

Train in india is super cheap. Delhi-Agra is Just 110 rupees($1.59). The train was in the very morning. The railway station was near my hostel. The train for Agra leaves from Nizamuddin railway, Delhi station at 7 am and takes 3+ hours. The train journey was great fun with the locals.

Agra came to see. A little better than Agra city Delhi. I liked the city. This city has Tajmahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, and many attractions.

I stayed in Agra in a Hostel called “Zostel Agra. “The price was 399 rupees. Good bed with high-speed internet, substantial standard rooms, and traveler from many countries. What do you want more? Those who have been at the zostle will enjoy it. I arrived at Agra at 11am. I decided to go with an auto-rickshaw(tuk-tuk) for sight-seeing without spending any time. By the evening it will cost me 500 rupees. Good deal.

I went to see Baby Taj Mahal.

A picture with the BABY Tajmahal

There are 2 Taj Mahal in Agra by the way. A video I made about Baby Taj Mahal (2nd Taj Mahal) you can watch it here- Link

At the end of the Baby Taj Mahal, I went to Agra Fort, Agra Fort is an extraordinary place.

Agra fort.
Agra fort2.

If you ask me why anyone need to go to Agra, I would say it’s for Agra fort not for Tajmahal. Bangladeshi nationals  need (probably)  90 rupees to enter Agra Fort. There are many guides out there.

Although I do not like to take the guide as a solo traveler, you should take a guide at Agra Fort though, because the walls inside are divided into hundreds of sections.

 And so much history inside it Guides will tell you everything. So, I fixed a guide in 300 rupees. He showed me around the whole place. Lot of history In front of my eyes.

Although it was not great for me to read those books of history in school, though it was excellent to see all this in front of the eyes. I went to the Taj Mahal after Agra fort sight-seeing. Not much distance between these two places. The time is just 5 o’clock. The time for the sunset has come. You can witness the beautiful sunset sitting in the backside garden in Tajmahal. I did not go inside.

The money to enter the main Taj Mahal and sitting in the garden to see the sunset is the same ! you can even watch it for free going there from behind.

Tajmahal view from Back.

It was kinda overrated for me as I am going to Tajmahal the next day morning anyway.

I went to my hostel. Very tired. I got out of Delhi in the morning, and I’m still exploring here and there. I’m a lazy little traveler indeed. After going to the hostel, I went into the cafeteria and ate a lot then went to sleep. I’m not the sleeper at 8 pm. But the reason for sleeping on that day is to rise at 4 o’clock because I will go to the Taj Mahal and see the sunrise in the morning. Here it is 5-5.30 in the morning.

After a long time, sleep breaks at 4.30 Brush up and get ready.

It took 10 minutes by walk to reach the Taj Mahal as my hostel was very close to the Tajmahal. It was Freezing. When I reached the ticket gate, I found the counter is not open yet.

After that, I discovered that the opening and closing time of Tajmahal is 30 minutes after the sunrise and 30 minutes before the sunset. Nearby shops were opened long ago. The morning breakfast is done.  I find People a little later on the line. I too stood. I have forgotten to say this; we need 740 rupees for the Taj Mahal, which was 540 a few days ago.

Anyway, let’s go inside. As the sun rose, the shape and the freshness was growing. This is an agreeable beauty. No one can explain this beauty is writing . You have to go and see Yourself

Tajmahal view in early morning.

It was my second trip to the Taj Mahal, so I did not find anything new, although the Taj Mahal is a place where you can go many times and still say one thing, “wow. “Even the locals who live in Agra are surprised at it every time they visit the Taj Mahal. I left the Tajmahal at 12 pm.

Taj exploring moment.

I have seen many tourists sitting for a long time. I went out straight to the hostel, finished bathing and lunch, and visited the city once again.

The hostel asked to go to the food tour. I agreed. I love to eat street food from my childhood. I went to many places inside Agra City. It is almost impossible to find food exploring in corners of the city, If you are not a local. Indian foods are different in every state. World famous foods everywhere.  It was about 4 pm. A boy from the hostel told me, “Brother, do you want to see the Taj Mahal in the boat? then come on.” I was surprised.  And as far as I knew it is not permissible. He said that there is no problem. I went to Agra’s East Gate, just behind the Taj Mahal. Jamuna river filled with dirty water.It was an awful smell. However, the Taj Mahal is outstanding to see from behind, it is also very close to it. I saw a man standing with a boat. My local friend made all the deal. The deal was 30 minutes for 300 rupees. In Jamuna, the wages of Agra are different from the boat.

Tajmahal view from Jamuna river
Tajmahal view from Jamuna river 2

The sun will sink in 45-60 minutes. I was fascinated by the color game. A video I made – Link.

After 30 minutes, I went to the hostel. My hostel (zostel) is Travelers Paradise. I had a lot of conversation and chatted with travelers from many countries. Everyone’s mind and thinking are much better than me.  We learn every day from people. Dancing with all the friends, playing songs and went for sleep after the party.


Tomorrow my bus for Jaipur is just 12 am. There is a reason for traveling on the bus at night. The idea is that I do not need a hotel/hostel for that day. This means that the whole day can be spent on sitting in the common area or cafeteria with a bag in the host lobby and with high-speed internet. What do you want? I used to eat all day and chat. Traveling needs a little comfort.

I reached the bus before one hour. Very cold. A  heater has been given by the government. Everyone is going to the side of the fire. Look good. I also joined them.

Agra Bus stand

At the right time, my bus came. AC buses offer lot of comforts to sit though the legroom space was tiny. However, there is no time to think about these. Reached  Jaipur in just 3.5 hours. Bus stopped at the Sindhi bus stand. I had booked the hostel here. Just 1 minute walk from the bus stand. There is no cold in Jaipur. It’s great for me. I went to my hostel. Name Mustache. Hilarious name indeed. I went to the hostel by following Google Map. It’s not 4 o’clock even at night. I  pressed the door, but no one came, so I called the hostel number. One opened the door with a tired and half-sleeved eyes. I went to the Common area to sleep. Sleep breaks after 11am. I found it very good to check in the room because the hostel has a privacy system for every bed and a locker with a room key for everyone. Breakfast is in the cafeteria. I ran away because it was a little late and I could miss it. At the end of breakfast, I went out to see Pink City. Those who know about Jaipur know that its beauty.

Hawa Mahal/Wind palace

Pink colorer as far as I can see in front of the eye. All the buildings, shops, shops in 6 kilometers around.

Jaipur”s crowd

The whole day I visited the city of Jaipur. I saw their lifestyle. India’s separate state overwhelms us with their liking. The beginning of the day I started with Pink City and came to the hostel. Here, I think, Jaipur seems to be overrated to me. That means this city is not as much as glamor or surprising as people use to say about this city. I’m talking about the city, not the patterns. When I came to the hostel, I saw a movie on a massive TV in a standard room with friends of around 16 countries and took part in a Christmas party.

Christmas party at hostel rooftop

I went to sleep at 2pm. I got up at 8 in the morning. After eating the bread, jam, butter, omelet in the morning meal, I went to see the unique places of Jaipur. A brother, known to me, fixed a car of 6 seats at 3000 rupees. The driver will also be able to turn all the places and work as a guide too. Let’s say that almost all the places to visit in Jaipur have to be seen with money and a little bit unbelievable to me. From Hawa Mahal to Amber Fort, City Palace, Jantar Mantar, water mahal more It is sad to see all the fortresses and mahals that those people who lived there.

Exploring Jaipur
Exploring Jaipur 2
Exploring Jaipur 3

 After completing the second day in Jaipur, we got exhausted and came to the hostel. Because the fort of Jaipur is all high and  Walking on the stairs is , and there is a lot of heat. I went to the hostel and finished my dinner with fish and rice. There were too much to eat . Playing in a shop near the street. I was talking to an Indian next to me, I said, I am a Bangladeshi, etc. He asked me, “Do you love to eat fish? I saw you eat fish quite comfortably. “I replied, I am a Bengali. I did not say anything, he understood.

I went to the hostel and slept for 9am yesterday. Returning to Delhi, I will go to Delhi to Kolkata by train. Because of Christmas, there was no train ticket, so I was forced to travel Kolkata via Delhi.

I got up in the morning, waiting for the bus. Non AC tickets for a bus, in the interest of saving money. When they came to the bus counter, they told me the problem is by the van. It will be too late to go.  Anyway, the sufferings begin here. The only way to save some money was to go to the non-AC local was one of my worst decisions. At 12 o’clock in the night, I went to the bus to Delhi. The coach was good. After 30 minutes of leaving the bus, another suffocation. The wind is coming off with cold air coming from the window. That day it was 12 years of raw record in winter in Delhi. 2 degree Celsius! And for me, it becomes a problem if it goes down under 15 degree.

I became seriously ill.

Get out of the clothes bag and wear more. Nothing is working for anything. The bus will arrive in more than 2 hours. Suddenly I became very ill, and there was no control over myself. However, after 15-20 minutes, a conductor of the bus could look at me, and I was seriously ill. The bus was stopped. They gave me something to wear. I was overwhelmed with a coated sheet and then looked a little better. I’ve survived that journey. When I came to Delhi, I went to Paharganj and went to a hotel to sleep and turned my AC at 20 degrees Celsius. Then at about 4 o’clock in the night. Today, going to Kolkata at 5 pm. New Delhi train station next to my hotel. So there is not so much fanaticism. The end of India’s journey was not very good because it took time 22+ hours from Delhi to Kolkata.

Kolkata Railway station.

 That means the train was late.

I always like to travel to India. God gave this country his blessing store.I’ll come back again  oh dear.

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